In moving across the country, there are many services that are just scary to go through the process of replacing. Hairdresser, for example. Doctor. Chiropractor. And one of the hardest....... dun, dun, duuuuuuun....... the mechanic.This was especially scary for us since our mechanic back home was an honest and stand-up guy, who eventually became really great friends with my father. Just image the anxiety of trusting a stranger who in essence could rip you off for hundreds of dollars and you would never even know the difference.Well, I dropped of my car this morning on a recommendation from a co-worker, and I was so impressed. It is worth mentioning (sadly) that this is the 4th mechanic we have dealt with since moving here. Not only were they friendly and clean, but the owner was there working alongside the crew, and he seemed to know everyone's name that came in the door. He knew exactly who my co-worker is, and even knew the cars he owns.I still felt a bit of apprehension leaving my vehicle in a stanger's hands, but I felt a little better than I know I COULD have.When we came to pick the car up later that day, I was very pleased. Ray knew who we were without even asking our names. The mechanic who checked us in came out and showed us this weird problem they had encountered and told us he recommended having the coolant flushed, but didn't pressure us to do it right then. In fact I didn't feel any pressure the whole time we were there. The prices were reasonable too, and clearly explained on the invoice.I would highly recommend this place, even if you already have a regular mechanic. Come here instead.

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