This place is great. Â They definitely know what they are doing, are as professional as can be and support the local community on top of it all. Â Fair prices, fast service and free coffee are my experience. Â I basically blew up my car and they had no problem fixing it in two weeks, just in time for a trip to SF. Â They also have a drop off box so you can leave your car Sunday night and pick it up after work Monday. Â If you have a choice of the ghetto shop on the corner or a professional place like this, I would choose Ray-A-Motive.

Thank you Joe for the positive review, not sure why Yelp filitered it but thank you for your business!


haha i like how my brother was the last one to review this..anyway.. Ray-A-Motive.. i've been familiar with these guys and Ray himself for years. Â i usually service my own cars but anytime there is something i would find a little difficult to do or if i'm in a time crunch, Ray and his team would be the only guys i would trust to touch my car. Â Ray is familiar with my family, especially me. Â when i was young and bought my first car, i had a series of "bad luck" and Ray would always be the one to fix the problem and it would come back running like a champ. Â he has done such a good job that now i hardly see him anymore because the car still runs good.. and all i've been doing is the normal/standard maintenance, from oil changes to brakes and valve adjustments. Â if anything.. i might ask him or his team for advice on servicing/maintenance.. but that's it.Ray is a stand-up guy who prides himself on running a service shop that's honest, clean, reasonably-to-cheap in pricing, thorough and good at what they do. Â his team of mechanics have a certain demeanor that shows professionalism on a whole other level.. they all seem to love their job and take pride in their work which gives me satisfaction knowing that the job was done right.The guys at Ray-A-Motive will do an initial inspection of the car at a reasonable fee and let you know in a timely manner if there is anything on the car that needs to be addressed. Â if it is something mechanical where Ray-A-Motive can take care of it, they'll let you know and provide you with a description in laymen terms and subtract the payment of the initial inspection from the service bill.In short, life becomes simple and easy when dealing with Ray-A-Motive.


Great place that gets the job done quick and right. Â I'm holding on to my '88 honda prelude and Ray makes it possible. Â He knows his customers and as mentioned before does work alongside his employees. Â They always have a bunch of cars in their lot but always get the jobs done in reasonable time. Â Power steering line leak done in two days with parts ordering. Â clutch master and slave cylinder replaced timely. oil change on xmas eve morning in 30ish min. no crap excuses no bs dealership trying to sell you stuff you don't need.its hard to find a good mechanic. this one is good.


In moving across the country, there are many services that are just scary to go through the process of replacing. Hairdresser, for example. Doctor. Chiropractor. And one of the hardest....... dun, dun, duuuuuuun....... the mechanic.This was especially scary for us since our mechanic back home was an honest and stand-up guy, who eventually became really great friends with my father. Just image the anxiety of trusting a stranger who in essence could rip you off for hundreds of dollars and you would never even know the difference.Well, I dropped of my car this morning on a recommendation from a co-worker, and I was so impressed. It is worth mentioning (sadly) that this is the 4th mechanic we have dealt with since moving here. Not only were they friendly and clean, but the owner was there working alongside the crew, and he seemed to know everyone's name that came in the door. He knew exactly who my co-worker is, and even knew the cars he owns.I still felt a bit of apprehension leaving my vehicle in a stanger's hands, but I felt a little better than I know I COULD have.When we came to pick the car up later that day, I was very pleased. Ray knew who we were without even asking our names. The mechanic who checked us in came out and showed us this weird problem they had encountered and told us he recommended having the coolant flushed, but didn't pressure us to do it right then. In fact I didn't feel any pressure the whole time we were there. The prices were reasonable too, and clearly explained on the invoice.I would highly recommend this place, even if you already have a regular mechanic. Come here instead.

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