3/12/2018 Gary I had a coupon, so I took my truck to the dealership for an oil change. They found that the engine oil cooler lines were leaking, and the left motor mount had failed. I was given an estimate, whereupon I called Ray A Motive immediately after exiting the dealership. After a brief discussion with Oliver, I was given an estimate over the phone, same parts as the dealership would have used, the estimate was $150.00 less than the dealer. Oliver ordered the parts and I had the repairs made on the following business day. I have had my son and daughter's vehicles repaired at Ray A Motive over the years, and we never driven away feeling as if the service and the quality of work was in question. Ray has developed a reputation for delivering quality work, done right the first time, while offering competitive prices and he has the cleanest shop on the planet. Additionally, over the many years Ray A Motive has performed work on my, my son or daughter's vehicles, never once have we ever had to take our vehicles back due to an issue with the work or a failed part. Quality work, done right, the first time!
5/13/2017 MARK LOOSE I've had many years of service and it's always pleasant, professional, and with Quality workmanship.
10/5/2016 John M Very honest and quality work.
9/16/2016 Stephen F. Great people, great service, great price. Sharp folks quickly figured out an intermittent ignition problem and fixed it. I'll go back to Ray A Motive from now on.
8/3/2016 Jason F Kevin was great, as was the rest of the staff. They were friendly and responsive in addressing any concerns I had with my vehicles.
6/29/2016 Viviana G The owner and employee are really nice and their prices are reasonable.
6/2/2016 Brian P. The service was excellent. I went in with a particularly difficult smog check issue on my Suburban: it wouldn't complete its pre test and, after about two years, I wasn't getting anywhere. Other shops, and even a dealership, couldn't figure out why the tests wouldn't complete. Ray took a look at it and traced the issue back to the truck's computer interacting with the supercharger. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is having the issue finally figured out.
3/23/2016 Mark L Always a pleasure to have work done at their facility. Trust you can count on.
3/11/2016 I A. We've been coming here for years, when it was just a little shop tucked away in a hidden area! This business has saved us thousands of $$$$ over the years. First time was when we brought in a recently purchased '79 Suburban with a lot of deferred maintenance issues. Ray's staff took the time to make us a list of items that needed attention. Over the ensuing months we ticked off the issues, one by one, as we could afford to attend to them. Never had to add to the list, it was a reliable vehicle for us for the time we had it serviced by Ray-A-Motive. Later, we decided to purchase a classic Bronco from a local Cerritos Auto Square dealership. Upon purchase, we drove it directly to Ray's to have it checked-out. Again, Ray's team came through for us! They took it for a test drive, and felt something was amiss. The put the Bronco up on the lift and checked it out. They discovered the frame was cracked! We returned the Bronco to the dealership for a FULL REFUND! We would not hesitate to recommend Ray's to anyone, we've always had good experiences and professional service.
3/6/2016 Donald Murray Quality work, at affordable prices. Always back their work. Having older vehicles (20 yrs and 53 yrs old!), Ray is always available to work on them, with the same quality service and quality parts -- as well as advice! Literally not afraid to work on anything! That is a hard mechanic to find, in this day of computer analyzing and newer mechanics not familiar with carburetors, adjusting valves, and such found on my older 1963 Corvette. Great place -- treat customers like family. Recommend them to anyone I know, driving any kind and age vehicle.